Alligator Bayou, September 2002
Rick and Elizabeth Baumler and I launched at Alligator Bayou and paddled through Cypress Lake toward
Spanish Lake.  We didn't make it all the way to Spanish Lake due to water hyacinths choking the path near the
entrance to the lake.  We were able to paddle through the duckweed though.  The photos were taken by Rick
and Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is paddling my Wee Lassie canoe and
I'm in Rick's Guillemot.
This is a picture of Elizabeth and me at the entrance to Cypress
Lake.  Alligator Bayou flows from the lake into Bayou Manchac.
I'm leading the way through the duckweed.
This picture was taken between Cypress Lake and Spanish
I'm on the left in Rick's Guillemot and he's in
Wendi's Guillemot.
Rick is looking back.