Apprentice Workbench
Completed June, 2005
The workbench is made from the same red and white oak I salvaged for my workbench.  The top measures approximately 17 1/2" x
44 1/2".  The bench is 18" high.  The apron and dog hole strips are 3" thick.
The tail vise hardware was made from the above items I purchased from Home Depot
for less than $20.  The small nuts were not used.  To save space, I decided to drill a hole
in the screw for a cotter pin rather than using jam nuts.  Not shown in this photo is the
roll pin that secures the tee fitting to the threaded rod.
The coupling nut was epoxied into the right end cap.  The  
vise screw is threaded through this nut.
The threads of the rod do not match the threads of the tee fitting.  I
filed the threads on the rod so that the rod could be inserted into
the fitting.  I used epoxy to bed the fitting to the rod then I drilled a
hole for a roll pin to prevent the two from separating.  Epoxy alone
may be sufficient to hold them together.
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