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Started December 2006

Completed May 2002

Outer Island
Completed January 2003

Squeedunk Grebe
Under Construction

Chesapeake Light Craft Severn
Completed May 2002

Featherweight Canoes Wee Lassie
Completed October 1998

Squeedunk Kayaks Cormorant 17
Completed July 2003

Merlin Canoe
Completed May 2003

Helsinki Museum, Aleut Paddle
Cajun Paddle Shop, 1985 by George Rodrigue
Local Boat Builders
Mark Norman
David Hanson
John Grantham
Rick Baumler
Chris Dore'
Canoe and Kayak Building Bulletin Boards:
Guillemot Kayaks Building Bulletin Board
Chesapeake Light Craft Building Forum
Bear Mountain Boat Shop Builder's Forum
Southern Paddler

Commercial Canoe and Kayak Designers:
JEM Watercraft
Guillemot Kayaks
Outer Island Kayaks
Squeedunk Kayaks
Chesapeake Light Craft
One Ocean Kayaks
Redfish Kayaks
Carrying Place Canoe & Boatworks
Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival
Non-commercial Canoe and Kayak Builders:
Ross Leidy's Kayak Building
Ken's Kayak Page
Links of Louisiana Interest:
Cajun Images, Photography of George Payne
Louisiana Fly Fishing