Cane Bayou, LA
March 14, 2004
This alligator didn't
seem to mind
sharing the bayou
with us as we
passed by in our
canoes about 10
feet away.
It kept an eye on
us though.
Normally, alligators
go underwater and
swim away before
you get too close.
The old railroad trestle over Cane
Bayou is part of the Tammany
Trace bicycle trail
Notice the small tree/bush growing from
the center of this old cypress stump.
I followed this loon around
Lake Pontchartrain for about
20 minutes before I was able
to get a decent picture.
I've been told that loons can be
seen and heard around Grand
Isle during the winter months.  
As far as I know, this is the
first one I have seen.  
Actually, I wouldn't have
known that it was a loon if I
hadn't heard them while on
vacation in Maine.
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