Reproduction Cypress Cradle
I built the cradle from a photo in the book,
Louisiana French Furnishings 1700-1830.
The cradle was completed in late April, 2004 with approximately two weeks to spare.
I kept the design true to the photograph, but I added additional spindles to make the cradle conform to modern
safety requirements.  Construction was straight forward, but the legs required turning in two sections due to
the limited bed length of my lathe.  I turned tenons on the ends of the bottom sections of the legs so that the
rockers and top section of the legs could be attached.  The 28 spindles were time consuming to turn.  Each
spindle required about 30 minutes work on the lathe.  To speed turning the spindle beads, I made a
lathe tool
out of an old spade bit.  The beading tool worked great.  The rails were attached using mortise and tenon
joints.  The joints were pegged with hardwood dowels.  The cradle bottom is shiplapped cypress that is held in
place with screwed cleats.  I finished the cradle with hand rubbed Tried and True Boiled Linseed Oil and Wax
Finish.  I only had time for one coat, but I doubt that I'll add any additional coats as I like the results.