Dave McDougall's Jedidia
The completed fly.
Hook: Mustad AC94840 #14
Brass Bead Head 3/32 Ounce
Lead Free .015" Round Wire
Tail: Ground Squirrel Hair or Rabbit Zonker Hair
Hackle: Whiting Dry Fly Grizzly
Body: Kreinik Polyester Metalic Tapestry Braid #12
(Fine Peacock Herl is a Substitute)
Fly and Tying Instructions by Dave McDougall
Place 3/32 ounce brass bead on hook and make eight turns of
.015" round wire.
Tie in thread at bend of hook and wrap forward covering wire.  
Return thread to bend of hook and tie in a piece of fur a little longer
than the length of the hook.
Tie in hackle and body material at the bend of the hook.  
Wrap thread to the bead.  Wrap body material to bead and tie
off.  Palmer hackle forward and tie off behind bead.