John Grantham's Popper
John came up with this color combination for fishing the local ponds, small rivers and bayous around Baton Rouge.
Cut a piece of Live Body Foam the length of half the hook
shank.  Slit the bottom of the foam and Super Glue or epoxy
the head to the hook.  A wrap of thread under the body will
help the foam adhere to the hook.  Painting eyes on the foam
is optional, but the fly looks better with eyes.  Wooden
dowels of two different diameters can be used to make the
eyes.  Once the foam is added to the hook, tie in the thread
behind the head and wrap back to the bend of the hook.  Tie
in a length of yarn approximately equal to half the shank
Materials List:

Hook: Size 12 Mustad kink shank popper hook.
Tail: Yellow marabou and red yarn
Hackle: Chartreuse grizzly saddle hackle.
Head: 1/4" Live Body Foam.
Thread: Yellow, chartreuse or white
Tie in one grizzly hackle by the tip.  Wrap thread forward to
the head.
Tie in one marabou feather approximately one shank
length long at the bend of the hook.
Palmer hackle forward and tie off behind the head.
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