Severn Kayak
Built from plans in the book, The New Kayak Shop, by Chris Kulczycki
Plans are no longer offered by Chesapeake Light Craft

The kayak was built by Kurt Loup and Rob Trieschmann
Completed in May 2002
I started construction on the kayak in the spring of 2001.  Construction stopped while my tools were in
storage due to moving into a house without an enclosed garage.  After a workshop was built, I decided to
start on a Guillemot.  Rob was given the Severn on the condition that he finish the construction.  Rob
completed the epoxy fairing on the deck and hull, built the coaming, added the bulkhead and outfitted the
Check-out paddle on Choctawhatchee Bay between Fort Walton and Destin, Florida on July 4, 2002.