Sharpening Station Prototype
I built a prototype sharpening station using a scrap piece of melamine.  The surface is easy to keep clean and isn't
affected by water.  The plastic pieces allow chisels and plane blades to be quickly and consistently mounted in
the honing guides.  The rubber stone holder holds my waterstones securely.  The flattening plate is screwed to the
melamine.  After I use the sharpening station for a month or two, I'll incorporate improvements into another
version.  I've already discovered that the waterstone holder is not high enough off the surface of the melamine to
flatten the back of a plane blade while mounted in the Veritas honing guide.
A square is used to align a piece of plastic with the front
edge of the melamine.
After measuring the appropriate distance from the
edge, the rear piece is squared to the side piece.
A chisel is placed in the Veritas honing guide and the front
edge of the melamine and the side and rear pieces of
plastic square the blade to the holder and sets the angle for
The process was repeated for plane blades and the
other type of honing guide.
Plastic pieces were attached to the melamine to keep the
rubber waterstone holder from sliding.  The lapping plate
has been screwed to the melamine.