Tool Storage Cabinet
Construction began in December
2004.  The main section was
completed the first week of January
The first thing I did was lay out the spacing for my bench planes on a 1/2 sheet of 3/4" oak
plywood.  I cut 1/4" x 3/4" quarter sawn oak spacers to separate the planes.  The spacers
where screwed to the plywood with brass screws.  Even thought the planes are able to
stand vertically between the spacers without hold downs, I added 5/4 oak cleats at the top
and bottom to prevent the planes from inadvertently taking a dive to the cement floor.  
Close up of the cleats.  No glue was used to install the cleats or
spacers so that I can rearrange things if needed.
Lag screws were used to mount a French cleat to the studs in the wall.  The dimensions of
the cabinet are 4' x 4' x 11.5".  The bench plane section is angled approximately 11*.  At
this angle, the planes do not need any support from the cleats for the soles to lie flat on the
rear of the cabinet.  All it takes to remove a plane is to slide the plane forward about
3/8"-1/2" and the heel of the plane will clear the rear cleat.
The two side sections have been added.  The sections are approximately 24"w x 32"h  x
5"d.  Likely, I will add my measuring tools such as combination squares and rules to the left
section.  I still need to build a cabinet for hand saws and lathe tools.