Tussle Bug
Dirk Burton
Woven flies are very insect-like with their segmented and striped bodies. Their appearance is appealing
to both fish and humans. Although the weaving technique is simple to master, the act of describing it is
much more difficult. I will attempt to make weaving as easy as possible with my description.   A woven
body is certainly worth the extra effort, and once you learn the technique you can turn out the flies very

Tussle bugs are extremely durable. You will probably lose them before you wear them out. They catch
bream, sacalait, bass, and the occasional catfish. Fish love this fly and will hit it hard. Work the tussle
bug by stripping it, trying different retrieve speeds. I have had fish inhale it while it sits on the bottom,
and at other times they like it stripped fast.  Tussle bugs can also work well under a vosi.     


Hook:  size 10 – 14 Mustad streamer
Thread:  8 /0 Uni thread  (I prefer olive)
Eyes:  dumbbell or bead chain eyes. (micro with size 14 hook works well)
Body: contrasting colors of embroidery thread or micro ultra chenille (yellow and orange, orange and
olive, orange and black, etc.)
Tail:  Crystal Flash in same colors as embroidery thread   
Begin by mashing the barb down on the hook. Place the hook in the
vise and wrap a thread base halfway back to the bend.
Wrap thread forward to a point about the length of the dumbbell
eye from the front of the hook. Tie in eyes using figure eights.
Wrap thread back to just before the bend.
Take two strands of crystal flash and double them over 3 times. Tie
this in on top of the hook shank. Wrap thread forward, trim front end
of crystal flash.  Trim rear of crystal flash in random lengths with the
longest about ¾ as long as hook shank. Wrap the thread back to
hook bend.
Tie in two different colored strands of embroidery thread about six or seven
inches long, and wrap tying thread forward to just behind dumbbell eyes leaving
about an inch of embroidery thread overlapping the eyes.
Fold front of embroidery thread back down the hook shank
toward the bend,about 1/3 of an inch, wrap with tying thread
and trim embroidery thread. This makes your tapered body.
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